The 1st Annual

Silicon Valley Film Festival

"Celebrating Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Innovation in Cinema"

at AMD Commons Theater

August 21, 2010

Chief Guests Silicon Valley Film Festival Mayor Mahan Silicon Valley Film Festival Mayor Chris Moylan
  Mayor Patricia M. Mahan, Santa Clara Vice Mayor Chris Moylan, Sunnyvale
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     Yes. We stand for GREEN.       SVFF: Award Ceremony Performances: Shri Krupa Bharatha Natiyam , New Moon Belly Dance, Salas - Mario Latin Dance

Welcome to
Silicon Valley Film Festival and Awards 
August 21, 2010 at AMD Commons Theater , Sunnyvale, Ca

Silicon Valley being the origin of many many technologies and innovations that changed the lifestyle of mankind in last 30 years. And still its proving everyday with new start-ups with vision for 'Tomorrow's World' . Silicon Valley also the root of Digital Film Making and Digital Media. It has been always supporting the 'World of Film Making' with continuous innovations. We are here to celebrate our innovations and incubate the world of filmmakers with our Silicon Valley Film Festival.  Our theme for this year is celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation in cinema. We also screen films from emerging and independent filmmakers around the world.  
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