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Join us to meet and greet with more than 15 main stream movie makers including famous chinese movie directors Zhang Wei, Zhou Wei and Governers of China movie industry.


THE ROAD (A true Story) by Zhang Wei


Zhang Wei
THE ROAD (A true Story) by Zhang Wei


About the movie: THE ROAD (True Story):


The movie is based on a true story. A rural woman is supporting three old people who are not biologically related to her. One day she adopted an orphan and raised her. Finally, the child was grateful for what she’s done and paid her back.


About Director Zhang Wei:

Director of China TV Director's Association
Master of Film and Television Director - 2002 China Art Research Institute

Major Productions by Zhang Wei:

1999 " Young Hua Tuo" 30 ep . Hong Kong He Ping Pictures Planner 2000 "Same Mistake" 20ep. Liao Ning Channel Planner 2001 " Antiques" digital film . Movie Channel Executive Director 2002 "Community Crime" Topic film. Si Chuan Channel Director 2002 "Life of Liu Yong" Digital film . Movie Channel Director 2004 "Alumni" Digital film. Movie Channel Director 2004 "A beautiful new world" 20 ep. Jiang Su Channel Co Director 2005 " A CD from Music Store Cashier" DV Bei Jing lu dong Media. Director 2005 "Back Stabbing" 10 ep. Bei Jing East Union Media Co. Director 2005 "Desire City" 25 ep. He Bei Channel Director 2006 “ The life story of Mr. Yu"Tv Series Bei Jing Shi Bang Entertainment. Co Director 2006 "The Sun "60Mins. LG Company Image Film LG Bei Jing Brance Director 2006 "Marco Polo " Movie Canada, U.S Cooperation Chinese Rep. Director 2006 "Your Life, My Choice"22ep. He Bei Channel Director 2007 “ the Story of Two Lovers and Enemies "28ep. CCTV Group B Director 2009 “Patriot "22 ep. Chong Qing Channel Group A Director 2009 “ The stories of Chinese Police Hero" 20 ep. Police Department Image Film CCTV - Producer 2011 “The War in Chuan Dong" 30 ep. Chong Qing Channel Group B Director 2013 "The Road "China national theater chain Public Service Film Director/Producer 2014 "Listen " China National Theater China Movie Director/Producer

WINNER by Zhou Wei


Zhou Wei
WINNER by Zhou Wei


About the movie: WINNER:

Movie “Winner” tells a story of a former boxer Cao Hai Long whose nickname was called “ coldblooded killer.” Years ago in a boxing competition, Cao Hai Long broke the leg of the 5th annual boxing champion, Liu Jin Shui, leaving him permanently handicapped, and after that incident, he left his boxing career. Years went by, Cao Hai Long’s daughter is now seriously ill, to get money for his daughter’s medical bills, Cao Hai Long stood up again and decided to return to his boxing career. At the same time, Liu Jin Shui’s son Liu Yang is boxing industry’s new favorite, he has always wished to fight his father’s enemy and avenge for his father. Cao Hai Long’s return has given him an golden opportunity. In a coincident, Liu Yang met Cao Hai Long, and Liu Yang gradually find out that Cao Hai Long is easy to get along with, and he’s a nice person, unlike what he thought, and the secret behind that game years ago is slowly revealed. At the same time, boxing games have been controlled by illegal organization, and Liu Yang lost a game do to the dark power. To inspire Liu yang to stand up again, Cao hai long encouraged him to practice. Finally, the two famous cross-generation boxers came on the same stage, and a remarkable game in history has begun.


About Director Zhou Wei:

Mr. Zhou Wei,Graduated from China Central Art Academy in 1997 Member of Chinese Filmmakers' Association, China Film Directors'Guild ,China TV Directors' Association Chinese Famous director and filmmakers in TV and film


Major productions by Zhou Wei:

Hero, Happy Time, Killing Bill, Green Hat, Crazy Dating( rewarded the best picture of French Carp Film Festival),Piano Touches My Heart( rewarded the best picture and best actor), Chess King and His Son(rewarded the best digital movie in China), Basketball Baby, Do Not Rob, The Wrestling Master, Crazy Roses, War Fire, Mr. Cole Li, and so on.